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What is Price Cluster & Ratio Analysis 

The price cluster and ratio analysis is a specialized course that focuses on the Fibonacci series as well as the price action study for your stock. This technique will enable you to understand the movement of the stock through various timeframes and make very accurate predictions. Take the help and guidance of Chartking to understand Fibonacci trading and Retracement tool trading. These concepts will allow you to understand which share to buy and help you in financial risk management.

The process begins by taking in hand three different Fibonacci price relationships that will help you to make sense of the trade setup. These are basically grouped under price projections, extensions and retracements. Fibonacci retracement tool trading is not like magic, but understanding the roots of this will definitely give you an edge in trading. A combination of fibonacci and extension is all you need to get the work done!

(Course Contents) Fibonacci Numbers and Ratio Analysis.

  1. Extension zones and its importance.

  2. Fibonacci Retracements and its applications.

  3. Types of price destination.

    1. Projection

    2. Extension

    3. Expansion

  4. How to apply Fibonacci and extension.

  5. Trend identification on based of price cluster.

  6. Price Trade Setups.

  7. Types of Price Cluster.

    1. 3- Zones

    2. 7- Zones

  8. Symmetry Trade Setups.

  9. Time and Price Trade Setups.

  10. Cluster Analysis.

During this course you will get answers about the following:

  1. What does Fibonacci retracement mean?

  2. How to use Fibonacci retracement for day and positional trading?

  3. Does Fibonacci work in trading?

  4. How accurate is Fibonacci retracement?

  5. How do you use Fibonacci expansion?

  6. Price action on Fibonacci trading

  7. Retracement + Extension = Price Cluster

  8. The best time frame for the application of both tools.

  9. Price and time cluster

  10. How to define exact targets? (with Price Cluster)

  11. Analysing 'Risk and Reward Ratio' before entering into a trade.

  12. Making profits, Trading practically… (The Ultimate Goal)


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