Elliott wave traders programme

What is Elliott & Wolfe Wave Analysis?

Technical analysis uses some patterns and wave theories which helps the traders to make precised price movements in the stock market. At the same time, they will help the traders to make sound investment decisions. There are plenty of such technical analysis tools, among which Elliott & Wolfe waves are the most essential ones. We have designed a special and unique course – Elliott & Wolfe Wave Analysis – that gives you complete details about both the theories, their related terminologies, their benefits, and how they can help the investors in the long run. Importance of Elliot & Wolfe Wave Analysis Course Elliot wave theories are based on the principle of Elliot Wave which gives an insight of the investor psychology. In addition to this, the course on Elliot wave analysis will teach how to figure out the psychological aspects of the investment world via the wave patterns of the stock markets. Moving to the Wolfe wave theories, they have five wave patterns which help the traders to find the equilibrium price. Traders can make use of these theories from our course and figure out the support and resistance lines through the unique patterns. Both the wave theories have a lot to explain which are known to help to make sound decisions for the long term.


  • Introduction of Elliott Wave Theory
  •  Classification of Waves and Waves degree Titling
  •  Essential Tenets of Wave
  •  All Typical characteristics of Impulse Wave
    (i) Diagonal
    (ii) Extension
    (iii) Truncation
  •  How to find right wave 3rd with the help of some regular indicators.
  •  Essential Correction construction of Wave.
    (i) Zig – Zag
    (ii) Flat
    (iii) Triangle
    (iv) Combination (Double and Triple)
  •  Guidelines of Wave Formation
    (i) Alternation
    (ii) Wave Equality
    (iii) Channeling
    (iv) Volume
  •  Ratio Analysis and Fibonacci Sequence
    (i) Retracement
    (ii) Retracement in Impulse
    (iii) Retracement in Corrective


  •            Introduction
  • Types of Wolfe Wave
  • Rules of Bullish Wolfe Wave
  • Rules of Bearish Wolfe Wave
  •  Valid and Invalid Wolfe Wave
  •  Difference in Elliott Wave & Wolfe Wave.
  • Rule of Corrective Waves
  • Wave Development in all time farm
  • Protective Stop for Wolfe Wave
  • Combine Wolfe Wave
    (i) Impulse to Corrective
    (ii) Corrective to impulse

There are innumerable advantages of joining in Elliott & Wolfe wave analysis workshops and classes, some of them include.
1) You will be taught wave principles which will help you further with determining the price targets
2) You can learn particular points of ruin. These points will explain the falling places in the trade
3) The course will help you understand where to use the wave theories and where not to
4) You will also be able to learn about the trading opportunities through the wave principles and theories
5) The experienced faculty members will also teach you how to construct the waves through the courses
6) You will be given a practical exposure through the Elliot & Wolfe wave analysis course and workshops through which you can gain confidence of stepping ahead in the real trading world.


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