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Chart Pattern Study

Once you have decided that you want to invest in the Indian share market, it is now time for you to learn about the basics. This includes things that will help you to understand how you can start investing in shares. One of such things is a chart pattern that you can understand in institutions where you can learn the stock market.

What are Chart Patterns?

Chart patterns are generally based on some specific time frame and typically provide a good idea about entry and exit points. They also offer a clear indication of stop levels, price projections, as well as profit targets. Most of these patterns fall into two broad categories, namely, continuation pattern and reversal pattern. However, some technical analysis chart patterns are both continuations, as well as a reversal that can be understood based on the price breakout.

Types of Chart Patterns

Continuation patterns indicate a high probability of continuation of the present Trend. These are regularly some temporary consolidation or retracements on the existing Trend. Some of the most common continuation patterns are flags and Pennants, as well as a variety of triangular patterns like the ascending triangle, symmetrical triangle, and descending triangle.

Reversal patterns, on the other hand, indicate that the existing Trend has come to an end and is headed towards the opposite direction. Some of the most common reversal patterns are double bottoms, double tops, triple bottom, triple tops, rising and falling wedges, head, and shoulders, and the less popular variants are the rounded bottoms and rounded tops.

With these nifty technical chart analysis, you will be able to perform an accurate stock market analysis to gain profitably in stock market investment.

During this course you will also understand the following:

  1. Why do Chart Patterns Exist?

  2. Reversal Chart Patterns (Traditional)

  3. Head & Shoulder Pattern

  4. Inverted Head & Shoulder Pattern

  5. How to confirm Head & Shoulder Pattern?

  6. Double Top Pattern

  7. Double Bottom Pattern

  8. How to Confirm Double Top/Bottom Patterns?

  9. Wedge Pattern (Reversal)

  10. Wedge Pattern (Continuation)

  11. How to Confirm Wedge Pattern?

  12. Continuation Patterns (Traditional)

  13. Triangle Pattern

  14. How to Confirm Triangle Pattern?

  15. Cup & Handle Pattern

  16. How to Confirm Cup & Handle Pattern?


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