Beginners course is designed for those who are new entrant in the market.Trading in the stock market without knowledge is similar as walking blindfold.Its generally seen people loose capital first and take knowledge later ,this should certainaly not be the case.we have come up with a beginners course module to educate our client with the stock market,currency market and forex market functionality in a systematic way.once you finish up the course you have sound knowledge of your trades entry &exit grow up emotinally strong to hold on to your trades to maximise profits and minimise your losses.

Starting knowledge of Stock Markets.

 Basics Introduction

What are Shares and other things i.e commodity, forex, and currency trading?

1.Technical Analysis:

Defining Technical Analysis 

Defining Chart Types

Evidence of Chart Pattern i.e Candles and other tools

Technical Indicators Popularity
i. RSI
iii. Supply and Demand Zones with the rent tool

3. Advanced Technical Analysis
Introduction to Technical Analysis Guiding Principles Importance of Price & Volumes Chart Reading
Price Range and move the Trend
Understand the concept of Support and Resistance
Reversal -continues trend and breakout trend

Moving Averages
Calculation of Moving AveragesSimple and Exponential
Trend Calculation with Moving Averages
The cluster of Moving Avgages
Protective Stop loss on Moving Average 

4. Price action and reaction (Dow theory)
Trend Identification
Missed and Gain opportunity on Technical Analysis

5. Gap Studies 



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