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Advanced Elliott Wave Analysis

When you seek to understand commodity trading, stocks trading and the derivatives market in India, it is important to understand some core concepts of how the stock market works. The Wolfe wave theory is definitely not a basic course, but with India's best Elliott wave institute, you will be able to master this knowledge. Only a basic understanding is not plenty; Elliott wave by chartking will also prepare you to apply this theory in your day to day share market exploration.

The reason why you should enroll for this course and learn this concept is that, with the help of the application of this Analysis, you will be able to not only interpret but also understand short term trading and also long term investment. During the course, for a better understanding of the concept, we use a number of real-life examples, many of which have been taken from our own technical analysis research department. Not only will these examples help you understand better but also help you in applying this theory in practical life situations. This course will also give you insight into how you can use the Elliott wave theory for technical analysis patterns. This practical experience will help you in trading so you can accomplish your goals. Understanding Elliott wave trading is hence truly an accomplishment.

Get to know all about Elliott wave trading now with Chartking.

During this course you will also understand the following:

  1. Introduction of Elliott Wave Theory

  2. Classification of Waves and Waves degree Titling

  3. Essential Tenets of Wave

  4. All Typical characteristics of Impulse Wave

    1. Diagonal

    2. Extension

    3. Truncation

  5. How to find right wave 3rd with the help of some regular indicators.
    Essential Correction construction of Wave.

    1. Zig – Zag

    2. Flat

    3. Triangle

    4. Combination (Double and Triple)

  6. Guidelines of Wave Formation

    1. Alternation

    2. Wave Equality

    3. Channelling

    4. Volume

  7. Ratio Analysis and Fibonacci Sequence

    1. Retracement

    2. Retracement in Impulse

    3. Retracement in Corrective

  8. Wolfe Wave Theory

    1. Introduction

    2. Types of Wolfe Wave

    3. Rules of Bullish Wolfe Wave

    4. Rules of Bearish Wolfe Wave

  9. Valid and Invalid Wolfe Wave

    1. The difference in Elliott Wave & Wolfe Wave.

    2. Rule of Corrective Waves

  10. Wave Development in all-time frame

  11. Protective Stop for Wolfe Wave

  12. Combine Wolfe Wave

    1. Impulse to Corrective

    2. Corrective to impulse.

  13. How to trade combining all the above said concepts together?

  14. How to define exact targets?

  15. Analysing ‘Risk and Reward Ratio’ before entering into trade.

  16. Making profits, Trading practically… (The Ultimate Goal)


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