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Manoj Kumar – is our visionary leader who has created this creative system that allows people to understand the financial structure of a country as well as globally to achieve financial freedom. He is not only our founder but also our CMD and promoter. He has been a successful mentor and a huge name in the technical analyst market. We have the vision of becoming one of the best financial institutions in this country. We are the most preferred choice of those who seek to gain financial independence, already making us the top rangers in the market. Among his achievements also includes the alteration of the original theory of "Wave Analysis" for it to meet the needs and demands of the Indian stock market. The theory has been covered under the flagship course, including Elliott Wave & Wolfe Wave. Being under the wings of such a magnanimous personality will add flair to your resume because of Manoj Kumar chartking is a well-known name far and wide.

Our Team

Mayank Singh - has a master's qualification in commerce and finance, along with field experience of over 17 years in the financial market. His experience includes being a research head in some of the biggest brokerage houses in Delhi. Since the last 12 years, he has devoted his attention solely to trading businesses, and at present, he has a team of over 40 traders. He is one of the biggest swing traders in the country with the number of systems for trend following, and his fundamental beliefs are embedded in Elliott, Gann Swing, and Seykota's Trend Following System. With a perfect scheme of knowledge, he is one of the best people to get educated from. Not only this, but he is also extremely dynamic and his other achievements include being a gigantic NLP ( Neuro Linguists Program ) and a hypnotist. He believes that NLP and hypnosis have played a massive role in his life for becoming a full-time trader as well as a member of the trading business. In addition to this, he also has a trading team that deals mostly in delta hedge, condors, butterfly, long-short, and many more.

Abhishek Agnihotri - has a master's degree in computer applications as well as a bachelor's degree in mathematics. He has taken an avid interest in the Indian stock market for the last 16 years and hence has been able to grapple the primary mechanism of the system. The knowledge and tactics he had been able to gather with his genuine interest in the stock market have made him an indispensable resource in our company. He is an independent trader and fund manager with a plethora of experience that he has gathered over the last ten years. His exposure is far and wide not only in India but also globally in various elements like equity, currency, commodity, and more. Over the years he has been profoundly holding seminars and educational lectures on derivatives trading. He now manages propitiatory funds of some well-known companies in the Indian market. He is a very famous derivative analyst as well as an options trader in the Indian stock market.



Chartking was established in 2013 and is ranked as one of the top institutes offering courses and workshops related to stock market trading in Delhi. Read More..

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