Why should we learn the Waves trading concept?

Analysis is a mastery of observation, while successful trading is a mastery of self.)
In this workshop or classroom session, we will examine how to use key components of analysis and trading to help you become a better wave trader and consistently successful trading.
1.Multiple Benefits.
2.Numerous Techniques unnecessary
3.Helpful   in Indicator clarification
4. Multi-area application

1.Multiple Benefits.
Long term benefits of waves are numerous. As a trader or investor, you can frequently anticipate major changes in the markets i.e equity, commodity or forex. Proper understanding of crowd psychology can help you avoid financial dangerous in trading or investing.

2.Numerous Techniques unnecessary
This allows you to know, under most circumstances, a great deal about the current position of a market without any information other than price action. You will not need to keep track of numerous time consuming (and sometimes subjective) indicators. Remember, no matter how good a mechanical system or indicator works during a particular period in history, the minute the pattern completes, that system or indicator will usually not work anymore.

3.Helpful   in Indicator clarification. 
If you decide to use other indicators (outside of waves) to clarify waves count, the Wave theory is actually instructive in qualifying where and when a particular indicator does and does not work. 

4. Multi-area application
The Waves Theories can be applied to virtually all areas of mass human endeavor: stock market, commodities, real estate, production of goods and services, etc. all that is required is accurate, consistent data. 
(Source: Mastering Elliott Wave by -Glenn Neely with Eric Hall)

How the Wave Principle Improves Trading?

Every trader, every analyst, and every technician has favorite techniques to use when trading, Let’s go over why the Wave Principle is mine.
There are three categories of Technical studies: trend-following indicators, oscillators, and sentiment indicators. Trend following indicators includes moving averages, MACD and ADX. A few of the more popular oscillators many traders use today are stochastics, ROC and CCI. Sentiment indicators include PCR (Put call ratio)and the Commitment of Traders report data. 
Most technical studies simply don’t reveal pertinent information such as the maturity of a trend and definable price target -But the Wave Principle does.

Five Ways the Wave Principle Improves Trading.
Here are five ways the Wave Principle can benefit you and improve your trading:
1 The Wave Principle identifies the trend.
2. It identifies countertrend price moves within the larger trend.
3. It determines the maturity of the trend.
4. It provides high-confidence price targets.
5. It provided specific points of invalidation.

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