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Introduction of Elliott Wave Theory
Classification of Waves and Waves degree Titling
Essential Tenets of Wave
All Typical characteristics of Impulse Wave
(i) Diagonal
(ii) Extension
(iii) Truncation
How to find right wave 3rd with the help of some regular indicators.
Essential Correction construction of Wave.
(i) Zig – Zag
(ii) Flat
(iii) Triangle
(iv) Combination (Double and Triple)
Guidelines of Wave Formation
(i) Alternation
(ii) Wave Equality
(iii) Channeling
(iv) Volume
Ratio Analysis and Fibonacci Sequence
(i) Retracement
(ii) Retracement in Impulse
(iii) Retracement in Corrective

Wolfe Wave Analysis

Types of Wolfe Wave
Rules of Bullish Wolfe Wave
Rules of Bearish Wolfe Wave
Valid and Invalid Wolfe Wave
Difference in Elliott Wave & Wolfe Wave.
Rule of Corrective Waves
Wave Development in all time farm
Protective Stop for Wolfe Wave
Combine Wolfe Wave
(i) Impulse to Corrective
(ii) Corrective to impulse

1) Fibonacci Numbers and Ratio.
2) Extension zones and it’s importance.
3) Fibonacci Retracements and its applications.
4) Types of price destination.
(a) Projection
(b) Extension
(c) Expansion
5) How to apply Fibonacci and extension.
6) Trend identification on based of price cluster.

1) Price Trade Setups.
2) Types of Price Cluster.
(a) 3- Zones
(b) 7- Zones
3) Symmetry Trade Setups.
4) Time and Price Trade Setups.
5) Cluster Analysis.
6) Price Action – Trade Entry, Protective Stop loss and destination.


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