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What is Price cluster & Ratio analysis ?

Price cluster ratio analysis is a course based on fibonacci series and price action study of the index/ stock . This technique is used for predicting move of index/ stock on all time frames with very good accuracy. We start by running three different types of fibonacci price relationships to find out trade setup. These are retracements, extensions ans price projections . This work is not magic, but if u learn how to use it properly, it will definitely provide you trading edge.

fibonacci Numbers and Ratio.
2) Extension zones and it’s importance.
3) Fibonacci Retracements and its applications.
4) Types of price destination.
(a) Projection
(b) Extension
(c) Expansion
5) How to apply Fibonacci and extension.
6) Trend identification on based of price cluster.

1) Price Trade Setups.
2) Types of Price Cluster.
(a) 3- Zones
(b) 7- Zones
3) Symmetry Trade Setups.
4) Time and Price Trade Setups.
5) Cluster Analysis.

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