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Incepted in 2013 Chartking is one amongst the top most institute offering courses and workshops relating to stock market. We have successfully conducted over 100 workshops across the country and empowered more than 2000 aspirants by training them different trading techniques. Chartking offers up-to-date stock market courses led by the seasoned professionals who have years of experience as mentors as well as traders. Our courses are designed to matchup with the ever-changing needs of Financial Market.So far, our workshops are conducted at more than 15+ locations across the country including Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Gujrat and Hyderabad.Our interactive stock market sessions help you to develop the expertise and confidence to trade the markets. We empower you with our researched and tested tools which enable you to increase your rewards from the stock markets.

Capital markets are a vital part of any economy making it possible for industry trade and commerce to flourish without any obstacles in terms of resources. Indian capital markets are witnessing unprecedented changes and advancements. This presents some unique career opportunities for trained and skilled individuals who could drive this capital market revolution and achieve their goals earning from the stock markets, which is not an easy task unless you have the right knowledge.Over the years, Chartking has developed several specialised courses and short term workshops conducted at our state-of-the-art teaching centres across India.Our courses cover a variety of trading styles and asset classes, Short Term Trading, Swing Trading, Position Trading, and Investment Theory for Stocks, Exchange Traded Funds, Options, Futures (Eminis & Commodities) and Currencies.Experience – Dedication – Customized, easy to understand courses are the traits which place us much above all other Institutes in Financial domain.


Learn the art of trading and investing!
mr Manoj

Manoj Kumar – the visionary has a vision to empower people to attain the appropriate knowledge and skills required to have a strong hold on financial market and acquire financial freedom. The founder, the promotor and the CMD of Chartking – Manoj himself has a background as a Mentor and technical analyst. We intent to be a foremost financial education institution India and the preferred choice of those who seek financial freedom.

Manoj has managed to alter the original theory of “Wave Analysis” and customized it to meet the actual needs of Indian Stock Market. The theory is covered in his flagship course using Elliott Wave & Wolfe Wave.

Know our Instructors
Chartking has a team of qualified and seasoned professionals who have thorough knowledge of Indian stock market. They understand the fluctuation that the market faces time-to-time and train the students to cope up with those discrepancies.

They are highly professional in their approach and teach you the fundamentals and


Arpana is a conservative style trader with nearly 8 years of sound experience in the management industry.

She is a passionate Entrepreneur who grew in her own Agri product trading business. She enjoys trading and believes in its potential to make good money in her spare time with least investment and physical effort. Today, she is amongst the chief instructors at Chartking and a full time trader. She has received the education in stocks, futures, forex and commodities, and is well versed in a full range of asset classes. Following the patented supply and demand strategy, she teaches a very simple, rules-based approach to investing which is based entirely on price action.


RITU specializes in swing trading and teaches her students that less trading is best; have patience to wait for the setups that match your plan. She emphasises on developing your own methods, keep things simple and follow your own rules to be a successful trader.


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